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Cleaning is a very important part of maintaining a space; daily, weekly, monthly cleaning is crucial in a space, whether or not it is being exposed to high traffic. Many advantages come with maintaining a clean environment and a clean space plays a huge role in the health status of its occupant long term. At Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services, we recognize the need to always maintain a healthy and clean space, especially in commercial settings where there is always a large influx of people. We strive to bridge the gap by providing top-quality cleaning services and making a space clean, germ-free, and habitable, keeping in mind proper safety precautions at every step of the way.As security is very paramount in our line of work, we properly vet any member of our staff before having them onboard and all members of staff have an identification tag.

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Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services is located in the Visalia, CA area and we are well known for the unique set of services we offer and the professionalism with which we deliver our services. We implement green cleaning and are very particular about the products used in cleaning and the quality of the service that we offer to our esteemed client base. As a cleaning company, we have won the trust of numerous organizations in Visalia and neighboring towns. We have a team of experienced personnel who have undergone various training on how to use the equipment, and how to provide the only best for you.

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Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services prides itself on providing high-quality cleaning services in commercial spaces and we are always open for business and available to serve you and meet all your cleaning needs. To engage our cleaning services, you can always reach out to us via different methods. One of these methods is via the contact form on our website. You can easily state your needs and your contact details and we would get across to you as soon as possible. Other contact means are our telephone lines and email addresses which are manned by competent customer care representatives.