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At Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services, we are very particular about maintaining a clean and hygienic, and germ-free environment for our clients and to the end, we provide only the best services for our clients. Our services are centered around providing clean a space using only top cleaning products. When we first consult with you, we determine the full extent of your cleaning needs and then customize a cleaning service that would serve all parties and from time-to-time, we get to consult with you and find out if our services are satisfactory for you and we try to adjust them. We can adjust the duration of our services to suit your schedule. Some of the services we offer are:

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At Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services, we provide our janitorial services for both small-scale and large-scale commercial firms. We recognize the importance of keeping a commercial space clean, especially as it is exposed to many people. Our price rates are affordable as each service is tailor-made for the client and designed to fit the client’s budget. Also, we are licensed and insured, and as such, in the case that any accident occurs during the cleaning service, you can be assured that you are covered. Are you in need of cleaning for your commercial space today? Do you need janitorial supplies for your space? Do you need disinfecting and sanitizing services? Then let Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services handle it.

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Sun Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services prides itself on providing high-quality cleaning services in commercial spaces and we are always open for business and available to serve you and meet all your cleaning needs. To engage our cleaning services, you can always reach out to us via different methods. One of these methods is via the contact form on our website. You can easily state your needs and your contact details and we would get across to you as soon as possible. Other contact means are our telephone lines and email addresses which are manned by competent customer care representatives.

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